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Posted in Uncategorized by thehiddenevil on July 27, 2007

Shortly after I left my last place of employment in December 04 after experiencing the Mobbing phenomenon, I began to recognize that I was the target of subtle harassment out in public as well. One such incident that took place out in public, involved a lady who worked in the human resources department of the place I had just left. This harassment
was consistent with the Mobbing I experienced at my previous place of employment. I dismissed these harassment skits as coincidence because I was not aware of the existence of organizes stalking groups. I could not conceive of such an idea & had no existing model of reference to compare it to.
Later I learned that there was a name for this workplace syndrome & it even had a name when it leaked out into the community. But now, events in my life that have taken place over the last several years begin to make sense. For the past four years I’ve kept an audio diary of events that have unfolded in my life. I remember on at least several occasions remarking how it seemed people were deliberately going out of their way to cut me off & invade my personal space. I dismissed these events as random acts of rudeness. I had no idea that these events were a small part of an organized harassment campaign. Now that I’m aware that this is happening, one of these days I’ll go through those records to find out how many seemingly “bad luck” incidents may have been instigated by this group.
I recognized the sensitivity tactics used by these groups from a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) seminar I took in my early twenties. This science is used to produce rapid change. Some of the sensitivity tactics used by these groups re borderline-subliminal attacks designed to artificially create phobias using anchors. I ll explain how groups use this ccience later. I came across Eleanor White s website & spent about 12 hours my first day, moving between her site & other Gang Stalking sites. Since then I have been researching this phenomenon & related subjects with books, documentaries, radio shows, articles, websites, & case studies. This report is a result of my research & my
interpretation of my own direct experience with this phenomenon. This is not an easy subject to cover. Also, I m not a writer, so you may notice grammatical or other types of errors in this document.


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