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Psychological aspects of Gang Stalking

Posted in Uncategorized by thehiddenevil on July 27, 2007

The psychological aspect of Gang Stalking is identical to Mobbing, it has the same group dynamics. For that reason I ll make references to Mobbing throughout this document. I will also explain these shared dynamics later in the document. The Mobbing phenomenon has been well documented & studied in other countries for years. However, it is
only now beginning to receive attention in North America.(8, 305, 306) When I speak of Mobbing, I’m not talking about flash mobbing, where hundreds of strangers will communicate via cell phone or email to meet at a public place & perform some type of synchronized act, as reported by CNN & other mainstream media.(369-371)
The Mobbing I’m referring to is committed by multiple people using subtle but repeated harassment which takes place in the workplace & is difficult to prove. It is used to kick a person out of the workplace or even workforce while leaving little trace. The logic is that it is less of a liability for the organization if you voluntarily leave than if they fire you. In addition, some organizations with sadistic intentions enjoy it as a form of sport-harassment as well. So their primary intent might not be to drive a person out of the workplace.(8)
For an excellent explanation of how groups of people will not only turn against an individual, but will also participate in the repeated harassment & ultimate destruction of an individual to ensure their own survival, read the book Mobbing.

When researching the Mobbing phenomenon, the authors discovered that it also took place out in the community.

However, when this type of organized harassment occurs out in public, many of those who are aware of it choose to refer to it as the labels previously mentioned. For now you can think of Mobbing as small-scale Gang Stalking whichtakes place indoors.
Mobbing-Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace, Davenport, Schwartz, Elliot
[Book Cover] Until evil is named, it cannot be addressed. This book names Mobbing, a common & bloodless for of workplace mayhem

An insidious & powerful subculture is thriving in the American workplace. Everyday, in all sorts of workplaces, mean-spirited mobs are forcing capable, hardworking employees to flee from jobs they love. The mobs intentionally target-and ultimately destroy-innocent
There are several online documents pertaining to Subliminal & Covert Harassment. Although I believe the sources of these documents are dubious & they lack supporting documentation, some of their tactics are consistent with ones used in Mobbing & OVS. You can find these documents by going to yahoo & typing in subliminal harassment [without
Organized Stalking is Mobbing which takes place out in the community & is a much wider in scope. Mobbing is often contained within an Organized Stalking program, for targeted people who are actually employed. Some people who experience Mobbing may also be targeted for Gang Stalking, although they may not be aware of it. Mobbing &
Organized Stalking both employ repeated acts of emotional & psychological violence.
Homicide in the workplace is increasing.(300-303, 381) Over the last several years there have been some high-profile cases of people going postal & murdering multiple coworkers. Research concludes that violence in the workplace can be a result of Mobbing.(8) Apparently the investigators attributed the deaths to stress caused by a diminishing
economy, increased outsourcing, downsizing, wage garnishments, & salary reductions. They may not have been aware of the Mobbing syndrome. And the corporations that instigated it did not tell them. However, some of these incidents where a person just snapped & killed multiple people in the workplace, definitely carried the Mobbing signature. It is likely that some of the people who snapped were experiencing Mobbing outside of work as well (Organized Stalking,
Gang Stalking, etc), although they probably didn t know what was happening to them, or how to explain it.

These instances of Mobbing, Gaslighting, & subliminal harassment backfired, & as a result people were murdered because of an unwritten company policy that condoned & promoted covert harassment. Fortunately, for the corporations involved, these acts of violence were never traced back to them. Unfortunately, some people were
murdered because a company used them as pawns to covertly & systematically beat a person into submission.


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  1. carla said,

    I don’t understand how they can do this with no proof of crime(s) being committed, I did order diet pills on the internet and did some drugs when I was younger, do they do this mobbing to the entire family? it seems that this happened to a cousin in california, she was pushed off a cliff with 4 other high school students after visiting a Rave party. These kids were good decent kids who were straight A students signed up for college. They found no drugs in their system. This sounds like my life in a nutshell. I was gang raped while virgin at 14 years old, sent to the psych ward and diagnosed schzio (although I have NONE of the behaviours or symptoms of the disease). How can they afford to go after us when there are real criminals and terrorists out there?

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