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What it is

Posted in Uncategorized by thehiddenevil on July 27, 2007

What is it?
Organized Stalking is a well-organized, occult form of covert harassment used against an individual. It is done by large groups of people who systematically & repeatedly harass individuals. The people who participate are usually under the impression that they need to keep an eye on a targeted person or drive them out of town for wrongdoings. It often
encompasses the use of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) such as Microwave harassment.

This can be a for-hire organized harassment service. These groups operate throughout North America & Europe, & exhibit cult-like characteristics. They usually have local numbers ranging in the hundreds.(7) This has also been called Cause Stalking,
Gang Stalking, Community-based Harassment, Organized Vigilante Stalking, Vengeance Stalking, Terrorist Stalking, Revenge Stalking, Covert Action, State-Sponsored Harassment, Microwave Harassment, Microwave Mind-Control, etc. All of these labels explain the same basic phenomenon. So when I refer to this type of state-sponsored harassment throughout this document, I will use these names interchangeably.
Organized Vigilante Stalking is an occult form of terrorism/mind-control used against an individual, in a malicious attempt to reduce the quality of a person’s life so they will have a nervous breakdown, become incarcerated/institutionalized, experience constant mental, emotional or physical pain, become homeless, &/or commit suicide. It is done using well-orchestrated accusations, lies, rumors, bogus investigations, setups, framings, intimidation, overt or covert threats, vandalism, thefts, sabotage, torture, humiliation, emotional terror, DEWs, & general harassment. It is a ganging up by members of the community who follow an organizer & participate in a systematic, & ritualistic persecution of an individual. Organized Stalking is a destructive criminal program built on deception that exists to serve the intentions of a few who are aware of its true agenda.
This hate crime appears to be a combination of early mind-control & harassment programs such as Cointelpro & MKULTRA, as well as Gang Stalking tactics used by the KKK. The objective is to create so much pain in the environment of the person that they are driven to homelessness or suicide. It is used to isolate & remove economical &
social support structures, & therefore, destabilize a person s life with the intent to drive them to suicide.(200) Basically it s forever, they never leave you alone. You re followed out of the country, & there is no way to get away from it.
Although it would appear that this is a new phenomenon, it is not. Many tyrannical regimes throughout history have used local harassment gangs to neutralize dissent. Gang Stalking is simply another manifestation of this pattern.

Although the strategy & tactics employed by these groups are somewhat new, the groups exist to serve the same purpose. I ll explain this in more detail later.
Because most counseling centers & therapists deny the existence of these groups it is impossible to prove just how many cases of depression, anxiety, miscarriage, stillbirths, suicides & people “going postal are caused by them. This is further complicated since many people are unaware that they re a host to this type of parasite.
Julianne McKinney is a former army intelligence officer & publisher of the widely respected report, Microwave Harassment & Mind-Control Experimentation. She is the former director of the Electronic Surveillance Project Association of National Security Alumni, which was an organization composed of former intelligence officers dedicated
to exposing excesses by the U.S. Intelligence service. She kept this organization operational for four years using her personal funds. She has about 40 years experience with this subject & has talked with & interviewed hundreds of targeted individuals.
Microwave Harassment & Mind-Control Experimentation, Julianne McKinney
Director Electronic Surveillance Project, Association of National Security Alumni
The methods reportedly employed in these harassment campaigns bear a striking resemblance to those attributed to the CIA & FBI during Operations MKULTRA, MHCHAOS, & COINTELPRO. The only difference now is that electronic harassment & experimentation also appear to be (more blatantly) involved.


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