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with ill mental health. Spotters and Walk-Bys in Metropolitan Areas a) Tens of thousands of persons in each area working as spotters and neighborhood/business place spies (sometimes unwittingly) following and checking on subjects who have been identified for covert control by NSA personnel. Some of these agencies possess knowledge of behavior modification that is not known to the general public. They have demonstrated the ability to influence large groups of people. And they have mastered the art of creating mind-control cults that they apparently learned from the Nazis & the Chinese. The fusion of Nazi scientists into some of our hospitals & universities under Project Paperclip appears to have marked the beginning of this mind-control research.(12) Some of the more prominent cults they ve created include Heaven s Gate & The People s Temple, both of which resulted in mass suicide/murder.(12, 13, 21)

Trance Formation of America, Cathy O Brien & Mark Phillips

During the past three decades, a significant number of religious groups worldwide have been cited by the mainstream news media as destructive cults Perhaps the reporting new media cannot, for some reason, publicly open the proverbial Pandora s Box. Is it plausible then to consider that closer scrutiny, by the media & the public, of these destructive cults leadership could reveal a solid connection to government sponsored mind-control research?

A private investigator named David Lawson followed these stalking groups for approximately ten years. He concluded that not only were they cults, but they had connections to government agencies, & were in service to corporations.(7)

He also found out that tactics that demonstrated favorable results were recorded & used at a later date. When information gained by surveillance is passed on to group members to aid with harassment & the results of the harassment are recorded to enhance future harassment, then this is mind-control.

Psychic Dictatorship in The U.S.A., Alex Constantine

Despite public pronouncements to the contrary, the CIA is still very actively engaged in mind control research. Communities around the world have been converted into laboratories. Cults in their midst are led by operatives practiced in the techniques & technology of behavior manipulation. And media disinformation conceals the work of this mind control fraternity The CIA & Pentagon have formed a partnership in the creation of cults. To be sure, the Association of National Security Alumni, a public interest veterans group opposed to clandestine ops, considers it a Primary issue of concern that the Department of Defense has a perceived role in Satanic cult activities, which qualify in & of themselves as very damaging exercises in mind control.

Also, at the federal/military level of these organized stalking groups there is significant drug trafficking taking place.(200) Some of these federal agencies have a history of drug trafficking, organized international pedophile, & human slavery rings.(100, 12, 13) The organized pedophile rings, drug trafficking, torture, mind-control & other illegal activities are also carried out by U.S. military special forces such as Navy Seals, Delta Force, Army Rangers, etc.(100)

Some of these activities may be executed more effectively if the people carrying them out are not aware of what they re doing. For instance, some intelligence personnel have been used to carry out cocaine trafficking without being aware of it.(150) These stalking cults are criminal groups & their leaders derive their financing from corporations as well as their connections to other criminal groups.(7)

The New Satanists, Linda Blood

Satanic crime-in fact, all violent, destructive, & criminal activity associated with malevolent forms of occultism-exists as part of a wider criminal continuum & must be understood & recognized within that context.

Group members at the lower levels are not aware that their seemingly helpful group is one small component of a larger, very malevolent structure. If they were to follow this tentacle up, they would find that it meets at a hub, where other activities originate from. Some international Satanic cults seem to be specifically designed to infiltrate major organizations in our society.(18) Gang Stalking exists as an offshoot alongside other vile activities at the highest levels, emanating basically, from Satanism.


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