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Techniques used to silence critics, Ted L. Gunderson FBI Senior Special Agent In Charge (Ret)

I am a private investigator (former FBI Agent) who is actively investigating Satanic cults. I have developed information that Satanic cults have infiltrated numerous levels of our society including U.S. Intelligence Agencies (including the CIA & the FBI). There are two levels of investigative operations in the U.S. intelligence agencies-overt & covet. The overt operations involve investigators who respond to various federal violations of the law such as bank robbery, kidnapping, extortion, etc, etc. They readily identify themselves to the public. The covert operation involves those who never identify themselves & are involved in harassing & targeting citizens

People who participate- This can probably be broken down using various methods. Some are overlapping & others are somewhat blurry. The structure of these stalking groups is open to interpretation. The illustration below is strictly my opinion & does not represent the opinion of other Organized Stalking targets. It appears that the part of the harassment that takes place out in public has two sections. One is composed of volunteers, & the other people who are paid.

People who participate are city workers, janitors, taxi drivers, security guards, & store clerks. Groups of senior citizens reportedly participate as well. Fire departments, & even some police departments have a long history of participating in these harassment groups.(7) Utility employees & city workers, as well as ambulance drivers may also participate.(7)

They may use their vehicles for noise campaigns, synchronization tactics, convoys, brighting, or other harassment skits. Parents who are members of these harassment groups have used their children to participate. Most believe they re public servants, & consider themselves to be investigators who are gathering information to be used against a target.

It is possible that these agencies can leverage existing federally sponsored community-policing organizations. If this happens, you will have everyone from children to senior citizens harassing you using the techniques described in the Tactics section.

Microwave mind control: Modern torture and control mechanisms eliminating human rights and privacy

Dr. Rauni Leena Kilde, Former Chief Medical Officer of Finland

Report-September 25, 1999

This globally infiltrated organization has “octopus type” activities in all major intelligence services in the world, working together with the Mafia and terrorists. It has recruited people from all important government institutions, state and local administrations. “Down and out” people, jobless, freed prisoners, mental outpatients, students and orphans are trained by this organization to harass, follow, and torture innocent people, who for whatever reason have been put on the organization’s hit list. They are ALREADY in every apartment block!

Deception is the name of the game, so recruits are told untrue sinister stories of their victims to keep them motivated. They have a military order and get rewarded for their evil actions, which include Satanism, and symbols and yellow-orange-black colors.

The military is heavily involved, & this harassment is carried out in all NATO nations.(200) Group members work in shifts & some receive pay or favors for their participation.(7) Numerous targeted people have reported that everyone from senior citizens to children participate in the harassment. This is carried out by the federal government, which uses DEWS & members of the community to systematically persecute an individual. These groups may also use Directed Energy Weapons on a target.(101, 200)

Even among TIs there is the perception in certain areas that our Government would not do this First of all, if this were not being done by our government, congress would step in because of the thousands of complaints no doubt over the last 10-15 years from citizens who recognize what s going on. Congress recognizes that these weapons systems exists & funds them, & knows as a result of appropriate briefings what the bio-effects can be. Yet they have passed no legislation prohibiting their use under unconstrained experimental circumstances. Given that these systems draw on existing power grids it would be necessary for the FCC as a minimum, & the DOE as a minimum to have some oversight & control over what is going on.

-The Investigative Journal interviews Julianne McKinney, April 19th, 2006, Subject: Directed Energy Weapons & Gang Stalking

People who have been compromised

These people have been called Taggers. They have been in trouble with the law & have previous convictions, they are simple to recruit.(200) There is no shortage of these people. During the MKULTRA period, people were recruited into programs after being caught engaged in criminal activity.(12) For instance, a postal inspector would detect a pedophile video being sent through the mail. The postal inspector would then contact FBI/CIA. Federal agents would contact


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