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this person & he would sometimes be given a choice of either going to jail or cooperating. Some of these people literally sold their whole families into these projects & received compensation. Some were elevated to a high status within their community for their participation. When this type of blackmail happens, these people are given a choice of either facing prosecution or working for an agency as an informant.

This can be done with prostitutes, drug dealers, & other first-time offenders. For the agency, this has the added benefit of having an informant working for them with no criminal record. Parents that have been compromised may use their children in community-based harassment.


They may be active or reserve armed forces. They may be white-collar civilian contractors that work for federal/state agencies, some appear to have ties to academic institutions.(101, 200) They may also be a private civilian security company contracted by the intelligence community. These are the perpetrators that seem to move in above, below, or next to a target when the harassment begins. These may also be the perpetrators who torture people in their homes from a distance using Directed Energy Weapons. Also, when being followed on a train or plane, it is likely that it will be by this type of perpetrator. These people are probably the ones who keep a watch on a target s residence. This is a part time or full time job for them. They may be operating on lies told about a person. However, they are being paid to carry out harassment.

Community-Policing & other local organizations

Targeted people across North American have reported that they believe that local community-policing organizations are participating in organized stalking. Although I believe this as well, I am not aware of any proof in either testimony from a group member, or in physical form, that confirms this belief.

Someone recommended that a target should join of these organizations for confirmation. This would be very difficult due to the tight system of control setup on targeted individuals, which includes 24/7 surveillance. There is not an organization that a targeted person, or their friend/family member could join without these organizers being aware of it.

However, just because it cannot be proven doesn t mean that it s not happening. Due to the sheer numbers of citizens now participating (many of them seniors & youths), one can conclude that organizers are drawing upon groups which contain large numbers of people. These groups are then recruited into some type of a community-policing program.

The federally sponsored community policing programs are then used by a federal agency or an official acting on their behalf.

For instance, part of the Weed And Seed program calls for a collaborative effort between local, state, & federal agencies, as well as community organizations, social services, private sector businesses & residents, to weed out undesirable individuals.(392, 393)

These citizens are endowed with a sense of responsibility & are confident that a program sponsored by the DOJ must be moral & legitimate. But lacking historical knowledge, they are unaware that they may be playing a small role inside of a larger program of state-sponsored terrorism, against those the Establishment has deemed undesirable.

Middle schools, High Schools & Universities are fertile recruiting grounds for junior policing groups. Some of these policing groups are restricted to school grounds while others are not.(330-334)


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