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arrival or departure. The event may also be a part of a noise campaign consisting of an alteration of other types of noises, which may last a portion of the day or all day.


The event lasted for 5 minutes; longer than normal (Duration).

In addition to length of the event being extended, the number of times each act occurred within the event was increased (Frequency).

Ex: Multiple, repeated doors/trunk slamming from cars, even if a single individual is at the vehicle. This event also happens many times throughout the day (Frequency).

Each individual act of door/trunk shutting was amplified by the deliberate slamming of each door to produce a louder than normal noise (Intensity).

In essence, the event was louder, contained more activity (acts), & lasted longer than normal to produced a wellconcealed covert attack. This basic formula is used with many of the tactics outlined below. The frequency & duration formula is also used in Mobbing tactics.(8) In addition to the overuse of an individual tactic, these tactics are combined & used in a round-the-clock fashion, which amplifies their potency. Some of these tactics are categorized as Street Theatre. Street Theatre takes place when perpetrators harass you out in public using information about your personal life which was gleaned by surveillance.

Some of these tactics are deliberately designed to make someone appear as though they’re suffering from a mental disorder. This, coupled with the fact that most targets are so emotionally drained & can’t properly identify or explain what is happening to them makes them fish in a barrel. According to the DOJ, mental tactics designed to cause psychological harm must last for months or years before they constitute torture.(390) Organized Vigilante Stalking fits this description. Countries around the world, including the U.S., have used doctors to help abuse people, often for political reasons.(27) It is also a documented fact that there was collaboration between doctors & the military when experiments were carried out in prisons, hospitals, & universities on unwitting people.

Journey Into Madness-The True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control And Medical Abuse, Gordon Thomas

“What remains for me the most disturbing aspect of my investigation is that even as I write, and later when it is read, there are physicians who continue to participate in torture. Nothing I had researched before could have prepared me for the dark reality of doctors who set out to deliberately destroy minds and bodies they were trained to heal. The realization that physicians are part of a killing machine provokes a special horror.”

The DSM-IV is a diagnostic manual for identifying mental disorders. It is periodically put out by the APA. You don’t need to purchase one of these manuals, as it is also available online at the following sites: &

Here’s what happened: They collaborated with mental health specialists & designed a harassment program around key paranoid delusional symptoms outlined in the DSM-IV manual, so that a target will appear ill when explaining this to a mental health professional, & friends/family. It is one of several layers of protection used to help keep groups operating in secrecy.

Microwave mind control: Modern torture and control mechanisms eliminating human rights and privacy

Dr. Rauni Leena Kilde, Former Chief Medical Officer of Finland

Report-September 25, 1999

The Psychiatric Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) for mental disorders has been a brilliant cover up operation in 18 languages to hide the atrocities of military and intelligence agencies’ actions towards their targets. The manual lists all mind control actions as signs of paranoid schizophrenia. — all medical schools teach their students that the person is paranoid, ESPECIALLY if he believes intelligence agencies are behind it all. Never is the medical profession told that these are routine actions all over the world by intelligence agencies against their targets.





As previously mentioned, these groups are nothing new. They are a recycled manifestation of an existing phenomenon.

But there are some important considerations regarding the operations of these groups. They are: purpose/goal, strategy & tactics. The goal remains the same, which is the neutralization of opposition & dissent. However, instead of physical intimidation, the creators of this system have apparently adopted a hands-off strategy, presumably to aid with plausible deniability & to keep these groups operating in secrecy. Also, the tactics within this new strategy have changed, & are now hidden with the use of & DEWs & the borderline-subliminal attacks evident in Mobbing/Gang Stalking. The creators of this system have established a virtually traceless protocol for murder.

There is a basic protocol that they begin with which is consistent in NATO nations. It begins with surveillance so that a persons personality traits can be cataloged. Everything including their religion is factored into it. At a later point, they are singled out for preliminary stages of harassment, which includes Gang Stalking, entry into homes & apartments. This Gang Stalking is apparently used to soften up a targeted person for the eventual assault with Directed Energy Weapons (DEWS). The DEW harassment gradually increases to extreme conditions. This pattern has unfolded consistently.

There is a basic protocol that the perpetrators begin with. But the TI contributes to the modification. Targets are constantly monitored & if a target responds emotionally to a particular trigger, that will be built into the protocol. If the target displays a certain sense of guilt or embarrassment about a subject, that will be built into the protocol. It s an ongoing process.

-The Investigative Journal interviews Julianne McKinney, April 19th, 2006, Subject: Directed Energy Weapons & Gang Stalking

Some of the Gang Stalking tactics used in these programs are borderline-subliminal, which is why they are so difficult to detect, explain & defend against. It is my goal to make the unconscious, conscious. This is a multi-dimensional stalking program. Many of these tactics are a type of mind-control. Please keep in mind that most people are unaware that they re targeted.

Subliminal Mind Control, John J. Williams

Therefore, in most cases, if you are being subjected to a secret & involuntary subliminal experience it is a malevolent, sinister & often dangerous attack against you that you have every right to vigorously oppose & thwart as if you are a POW or someone has broken into your home to rob you of what is rightfully yours. In fact they have broken into your mind & are trying to rob you of your free will. Even in cases where there is actually an intended positive outcome

Rather than using a blunt overt attack against a fully functional person, they usually attack from the inside, & conceal their harassment by using existing events that occurs naturally. However, it is probably statistically impossible for some of these staged events to occur as often as they do. They conceal much of their harassment using what appears to be a simple formula applied to these events. The basic formula is as follows:

1. Frequency-Describes how often an event occurs. It also pertains to the number of acts within a single event.

2. Duration-Pertains to the length of a single event. It also pertains to the non-stop nature of the harassment in general.

3. Intensity-The amplification of the acts such as sound, sight, crowding, etc. within an event.

A theoretical example of a Car Door Slamming event:

One neighbor arrives & two others leave. As they re tending to their vehicles there is the repeated opening & shutting front/back doors & trunks, alarms going off, & beeping from alarms being turned on. These disturbances emanate from areas surrounding your house. This may happen simultaneously, or they may be strung together, one right after the other. Even if a single individual is arriving/leaving, standard practice seems to be multiple slams (trunk, back seat, driver s door). The whole event takes about 5 minutes. This may be synchronized with your activity, such as your


I don’t know if this has been implemented but there was an attempt to integrate former Stasi secret police into Homeland Security. I hope that this has not happened, but there was an article titled, Ex-KGB and STASI Chiefs To Work Under Chertoff, by the Foreign Press Foundation | December 16, 2004. The article explained how the U.S.

would pay these bandits to help co-op citizens into participating in state-sponsored terrorism.(387) I do not know if these men have been fused into homeland security, but this gives you and idea of the mind-set of the establishment & how they’re attempting to expand upon this program. Below is part of a conversation taken from a U.S. Department of State Daily Briefing, which the article is based on.

“[QUESTION: Do you have anything on the visa situation of Mr. Wolfe, of the former East Germany?

MR. BURNS: You know, I think I do have something on that, George, and I’m glad you raised that question. Yes. We’re talking about Markus Wolfe, the former head of Stasi, right? The East German police. He was the deputy minister of state security for East Germany. He was the head of the ministry’s foreign espionage branch. He actively aided and abetted and fostered international and state-supported terrorism when he was an East German government official “

-Excerpt from the U.S. Department of State Daily Press Briefing #87, 97-06-09*

It appears that what we re seeing is the implementation of [the system] that will be used to silently neutralize all people that the state has labeled undesirable. One important point is that all major dictatorships throughout history have used these citizen harassment gangs to neutralize people on the local level. There is nothing new here. This is the same exact pattern repeating itself. Some very reputable researchers with decades of experience in this area have concluded that this may be the onset of a holocaust.

When these harassment programs have started out in other countries such as Russia or Germany, they always begin with a positive intent. They always target undesirables. The state makes it acceptable &/or encourages the harassment of people. They get the children involved. Then they move onto groups of people that do not approve of their corruption. They demonize these non-violent, non-criminal groups by linking them with a previously accepted undesirable group.

Anyone that disapproves of policy or is a threat to a corrupt establishment is labeled anything that will assist with their neutralization. These harassment groups are growing tremendously. It would be frightening to think what they would be like with the head of the former Stasi assigned to Homeland Security.

I ve seen a tremendous expansion of these activities since the early 1990s. It has moved forward in consistent fashion, & become evermore sophisticated & evermore widespread.

-The Investigative Journal interviews Julianne McKinney, April 19th, 2006, Subject: Directed Energy Weapons & Gang Stalking


Then after they ve recruited you as an informant, these organizers can easily co-op you into harassing someone. They may give you acts to carry out or phrases to mention when you re in a targeted person s presence. You may be told that these acts/phrases are designed to let the person know that they re being watched, so that they don t follow through with whatever crime they re being investigated for. These acts & phrases will be linked to information in their personal life that these perpetrators received through surveillance. Some of these phrases or acts may even seem small & harmless to you, but to the targeted person they can be very painful. These acts & phrases, coupled with all of the other harassment that a targeted person is receiving can be a form of covert torture.

It has been said that the best way to conceal disinformation is to hide it within some truth. So these friends/family members may be given helpful & truthful information as well in order to gain their trust. Friends & family members will probably not be told that every major area of your life is under attack & that you re receiving systematic harassment from many directions.

People that cannot be easily lied to or intimidated can be blackmailed. Even law-abiding citizens can be profiled with an extensive background check for bad habits & weaknesses that they can be blackmailed for. If a background check reveals nothing, they can create something using ordinarily citizens (informants) that have no direct ties to the agency.

These ordinary citizens may have been previously setup themselves, or may have been bribed. This setup can include a staged event which results in accusations of rape, sexual assault, child molestation, etc. And there will be plenty of witnesses…

Then your friend or family member will be given a choice; assist or face prosecution & have their life ruined. This is how a decent person can be used in a campaign that ultimately results in the homelessness, incarceration, or suicide of a friend or family member. If you don’t believe these federal agencies would use informants to help frame someone for a crime, & then have it covered up for “reasons of national security,” think again.(368) This was standard procedure during the old Cointelpro.(10) Also, they openly admit that they use informants who commit crimes.(365, 366)

Family members who you have a shaky relationship with can be bribed if they are greedy or in financial ruin. Naive ones or youngsters can be lied to by appealing to their sense of patriotism. When gaining cooperation in this way, these friends/family members may be fed some truth, then some small damaging lies can be thrown in.

It is my belief that the above description if fairly accurate. These tactics are designed to beat people into submission, isolate them, & remove support structures. It is documented that some of these agencies have generated pressure on targeted people using friends, family, & places of business, & that some investigations were designed to drive some people to suicide.(10)

The involvement of acquaintances & family in these investigations may not just serve to harass, confuse, & isolate someone. I believe it also serves as a strategy to discredit a person. After all, acquaintances & family would never participate in the systematic harassment of a targeted person, so someone complaining of such an ordeal must be mentally ill. This is simply one more layer of discrediting built into this harassment program.

Historical data shows that agencies would harass targets through a number of channels. Some documented psychological warfare tactics include: False media stories, bogus leaflets, & other publications, forged correspondence, anonymous letters & phone calls, tampering with mail & telephone, Disinfo campaigns, & using people in a targets personal life such as parents, children, spouses, landlords, etc to generate pressure (harassment).(10)

War at home-Covert Action Against U.S. Activists, Brian Glick

FBI records reveal repeated maneuvers to generate pressure on dissidents from their parents, children, spouses, landlords, employers, college administrators, church superiors, welfare agencies, credit bureaus, and the like… They may try to threaten or intimidate you by pretending to have information about you: We know what you have been doing, but if you cooperate it will be all right.””


different organization will be torturing a person s pet, committing small acts of vandalism, making sure a person remains Blacklisted, & hitting them with DEWs.

Some targets have reported being stalking by police cars. Some federal law enforcement agencies have historically used local police to harass citizens.(345-347) Law enforcement are aware of this, & like other organizations they are complicit with its cover-up.

Law enforcement personnel across the country have acknowledged (off record) the existence of these groups. Some police & judges may even be harassed by these groups.(7) The idea that this is state-sponsored terrorism is very scary to consider. Some targeted people have also been in touch with law officers that have come forward & said that they have been told by higher-ups to stand down, & if at all possible, label someone complaining of Gang Stalking as mentally ill.

There are numerous people across the nation, including some credible former intelligence officers, who claim that friends & family members have turned on them. Some people also say that they’ve actually been participating in the harassment campaign. They are probably not delusional & are telling the truth. How can a good friend or relative be recruited into a harassment campaign? Simple. They can be lied to, intimidated, or blackmailed into becoming an informant during a bogus investigation & then given a gag order & threatened with jail time if they mention anything about it. Remember, one in 24 citizens are being called upon to be informants anyway, so recruiting 10 or 50 friends/relatives of a targeted person is not a difficult thing. The participation of friends & family in these harassment programs has been echoed by many targeted people. Of course there is the argument that these people must be mentally ill. But their stories are strikingly similar. So are they all mentally ill? I don t think so. This system is designed to destroy lives & represent the targeted person as suffering from mental illness.

The Surveillance-Industrial Complex:

How the American Government Is Conscripting Businesses and Individuals in the Construction of a Surveillance Society

The American Civil Liberties Union, August 2004, Written by Jay Stanley

The recruitment of informants for particular investigations has long been a key tool of law enforcement, but only under the most oppressive governments have informants ever become a widespread, central feature of life. The East German Stasi, for example, not only employed 91,000 full-time workers, but also recruited from among the citizenry more than 170,000 non-professional informants, or as many as one in every 50 citizens, to spy and report on their fellow citizens. Stasi agents even used blackmail and other pressure tactics to get people to spy on their own family members. A massive effort is underway to turn regular Americans into untrained government monitors

Very decent people can be made to turn on you with lies. I have witnessed this both with Mobbing & Gang Stalking.

Remember, most people are heavily identified with their job & consider loosing it as a type of death. If groups of people will participate in Mobbing out of fear of loosing their job, think what they ll do if someone from homeland security shows up at their door. Neighbors, friends, & some family will turn on you if they ve been lied to & there is an underlying fear that their personal survival is at stake. Think about how you would react if members of the NSA were to show up at your home, & tell you that a friend or relative is under investigation. What would you say if they asked for your help in the investigation? Would you say, no I m sorry I can t help you? I don t think so. You would probably help them. If you agreed, which you would, you could very well be recruited as an informant & given a gag order.

Now consider this scenario: Your at work tending to a project & your manager pulls you aside & tells you that homeland security officers would like to speak with you in the conference room. How you would react? What would your state of mind be as you headed toward that conference room? How would you feel as you walked into that room & saw two men in suits with a brief case on the table? Most people would be so intimidated that they would assist.

After you agree to participate, you are told that under no circumstances are you to speak of the investigation. You may also be threatened with jail time either verbally or through innuendo.


made without your knowledge. The purpose of mobbing is to drive the target individual out of the job force for the rest of their life; the bigger goal is to drive them to the ultimate self-destruction: suicide. The information gathered is used to take your life apart and to attempt to make you look crazy. Your children are harassed, they come home with belongings missing and stories of teachers harassing them…

Young people can also be recruited with Displays of Power. (7) For instance, they ll be told by a group member that a fire engine will pass by with their sirens & lights on at a particular place & time. The youngster will be impressed after witnessing this, & after several of these displays he may become indoctrinated. There are SAVE/WAVE crime prevention programs being implemented where children are given money & gifts for reporting the suspicious activities of classmates & sometimes even parents!(151)

According to talk show host Alex Jones, the school boards in North Carolina repeatedly rejected this program, but the mayor was given a 112k grant (bribery?) to implement it. Jones also says that although these programs appear to be a relationship between two private entities (the schools & Pinkerton security), they can be directly linked to the FBI & the BATF.

Most major restaurant, & retail store chains are aware of the process. Employees, clerks &/or managers of these establishments may participate. This participation includes some of the tactics outlined in the Tactics section of this site such as noise campaigns, collision tactics, sensitivity tactics, poor service, etc. Some of the smaller stores are not yet converted, but are always brought into the harassment if a targeted person frequents that store. These stores & restaurants may not take part in the harassment outside of their establishment, meaning, they are not active cult members, & may only participate as needed within the store.

I have spoken with some managers at stores & restaurants regarding the harassment that I experienced in their establishments. Some said they’d never heard of it, & took my information (flyers, business cards). However, som knew what I was talking about. In fact two store managers told me “We always cooperate during investigations” as I presented my material to them. One clerk in a retail store refused to let me post my flyer but told me twice, “You’re not going to stop this.” He then told me that in some countries “people die” for doing what I was doing. This was not a threat, he wanted to be helpful & was warning me.

Another manager at a shopping center in Boston told me that he had heard of Organized Stalking. As I explained to him how it worked, he shook his head in agreement. He seemed to know exactly what I was talking about. I handed him a business card & told him that I used to live in the area. I also told him that I knew his store participated in harassment. As I said this he did not agree or disagree with me, he was silent. He seemed sad.

Neighbors will also be recruited into these harassment campaigns & one of their houses or apartments will be used as a base of operation.(7)

Terrorist Stalking in America, David Lawson

“In order to establish bases of operation, they will enlist the assistance of neighbors. In many areas, they can do this by intimidation. Those who do not cooperate can be targeted If they are dealing with individuals who do not know them, they can also appeal to their sense of patriotism and they can offer drugs, friendship, home repair, free taxi rides and whatever else they have to. In some cases they may even be able to get a key to the residence from a ‘patriotic’ landlord.”

Most people who participate in Cause Stalking don t seem to care what the true agenda of the group is as they are having fun with their friends, while getting some of their human needs fulfilled.(7) This is appealing to young people (& old) because they need to be endowed with a sense of responsibility.

Group members may not be aware of the activities of other groups that make up the harassment campaign, or what other activities their leaders may be engaged in. For instance, members of a senior citizens organization may harass a target while he s at a park with sensitization, collisions/crowding, or other types of street theater; while members of a


witness people breaking down or fainting in front of them, as a result of being systematically Mobbed out in public.

Once more, there is much we don’t know about these groups.

However, we do know that some of them receive some type of training that is apparently designed to put their conscience aside when harassing targets. When you combine certain desensitizing drills with lies, you can get some people to do things that they normally would not do. These people are basically the unwitting equivalent of the Nazi Brownshirts, but they wear plain-cloths & instead of physical harm, they use psychological violence.

Terrorist Stalking in America, David Lawson

Most group members have only a general idea of the ideology of the group but they don t particularly care. They are having fund with their friends and that fun involves stalking and harassing various targets They believe that they are justified in engaging in these actives because of the higher purpose of the group. Most never know the true purpose of the group.

I don t agree with everything David Lawson has to say about Cause Stalking groups. And although he may not have had an understanding of the entire scope of this system, I do agree with some of the information he has provided. Also, there is a correlation between the groups that participate in Gang Stalking mentioned in the book Terrorist Stalking in America, groups recruited into the community crime-watch programs, & groups that targeted people across the country believe are participating in community-based harassment. This suggests that some community-crime watch programs are being misused.

The community volunteers can be further broken down into smaller groups:

-Religious organizations

-Senior citizen groups

-Restaurants, merchants, retail stores


-Students in high school or college

-City workers

-Children of parents who participate



-Fire Departments

-Ambulances, utility, & postal vehicles



-Local ethnic or cultural organizations

Some of these people are from organizations that you think would know better. Leuren Moret, a geoscientist & president of an organization called Scientists for Indigenous People, is currently targeted after becoming a whistleblower at Livermore Lab. She discovered that more than 500 people experienced similar Mobbing at the University of California & had their lives & careers destroyed. She wrote a well-documented report titled, Uncovering The Truth About Depleted Uranium where she explains how her child was even targeted & harassed by schoolteachers.

Here she refers to Gang Stalking as Mobbing.

Uncovering the Truth About Depleted Uranium, Leuren Moret

Mobbing is the purposeful and strategic institutional gathering of all information about an individual by using any method legal or illegal. Contact for this purpose is made with neighbors, classmates, former partners, family members, former employers, teachers, church members, good friends and even your family tree everything must be known about the support system around you that makes your life possible. The assessment of strategic resources and future income (finances, mobility, cars, insurance, credit cards, bank safety deposit boxes, post offi ce boxes, wills, health records, birthcertifi cates, transcripts and photographs) is

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